Rev Sandy West has over forty years experience working in the fields of Soul Evolution, Psychic Reading and Healing Abilities, Energy Healing and Attunements, Ascension Abilities, Negative Energy Clearings, Spiritual Path/Purpose and Consciousness Development, and many other aspects of the metaphysical and alternative healing realm. 



Is Life passing you by?
Are you Feeling Unfulfilled, Lost, Empty or Numb?

When asked how you are doing is you answer “STRESSED”?

Is your world CHAOTIC?

Is there never enough Time in your Life?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this is the site for you!  Let Rev Sandy help you get control of your personal space, your Life and your career.



With a Master’s in Psychology Counseling and a Doctorate in Religious Studies, Rev Sandy’s skills and abilities have been fine tuned for a maximum healing effect.
 Rev Sandy
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